It’s all about how you tell a story

We’re trying out different ways of telling members’ stories using digital tools, and we’ll write about them here so you can see if they’ll be useful for you too…

Twitter and the Labour Leadership

The Labour leadership campaign is on. For the next couple of months there will be memes, blogs, twibbons, and hashtags all over Twitter, but how can you manage a UNISON related account during the campaign?

UNISON’s digital workers away day

On 20 July 2016 we brought together 35 UNISON staff from many different regions and teams to reflect, plan, and prioritise our bright digital future. As always, we were keen to learn more about how UNISON staff are using digital in their everyday work.

William, our work experience, leaves us a note…

Hi, I’m William. I’m 16 and in July 2016 I spent a week on work experience with UNISON. I’m a BIG supporter of trade unions, compassion, community and digital, so this was a natural fit for me. I wrote some words about how I’d digitally modernise UNISON and this what I said. Technology has completely revolutionised the way […]

Three tricks and tips for creating engaging films.

Discover how Unison Eastern used video to engage its members.

Copyright © 2016 Andrew Wiard

UNISONdigital wins at TUC Communications Awards 2016

Votr 2015 wins ‘best membership communication: digital’ and our Organising Space is commended in the ‘best communication for reps and activists’ category

Three quick tips to boost your branch email open rates

1. Add value You have three seconds to convince someone to engage with your email. That’s all. If they read the first sentence and they don’t know what you’re trying to tell them, they’ll delete. So remember to always cut your copy. Cut and cut again and if the meaning remains the same, you’re on to […]

Introducing UNISON’s North West’s new podcast

UNISON North West launched a new audio podcast, Organising to Win, in May 2016, following our second successful annual Skills for Strength organising convention held on 2 March. The convention brought together UNISON North West activists with other trade unionists from across our movement and the world, to discuss how we can build union organisation in […]

Searching for a person

The UNISON Branch Finder: a second beta now available

Today we have put a new version of our Branch Finder online, with a number of changes introduced in response to feedback on the first version.

Making the network of UNISON websites make sense: a first step

Today, we rolled out the latest in a series of changes we’re making that should, over time, help us to make the full network of UNISON website more cohesive, easier to navigate and use.

How we reached 40% participation in the consultative ballot of ambulance staff in England

In May 2016, UNISON ran an indicative  ballot of ambulance staff in England in which 41% of members participated. Participation relied on members clicking a private link sent to them via email or text message – there was no paper format or direct link through a website. If we only count turnout for those members […]

Our new app for national delegate conference

This year we’re trying something new at national delegate conference – we’re using a dedicated event app! The app has been piloted at a few conferences already. Thousands of members are already using it and love it. You’ll get full access to the conference agenda, standing orders and additional information to the guide. We will also […]

Big ♡ UNISON Prize Draw branch winners announced

Congratulations to our four winning branches, and a big thank you to everyone who played a part in making the prize draw such a success.

How to live tweet an event

We at UNISON Digital know that a lot of our colleagues across the country are asked to tweet events, often without having received any guidance on how to do so. This short guide will help equip you with the basics. Before the event: choosing your hashtag and raising awareness You didn’t think live tweeting an event […]

Prize draw update: 25 April

After 9 weeks of the prize draw, we finally have a new branch in the number one spot, and we’ve passed the 100,000 entries barrier! We must also, somewhat sheepishly, admit to an error in the way we have been gathering our figures…