Three quick tips to boost your branch email open rates

1. Add value

You have three seconds to convince someone to engage with your email. That’s all.

If they read the first sentence and they don’t know what you’re trying to tell them, they’ll delete. So remember to always cut your copy. Cut and cut again and if the meaning remains the same, you’re on to a winner.

2. Always test

Email is an odd game. What works one day probably won’t work the next. So you need to be constantly looking for ways to disrupt the norm.

Always A/B split test your emails. Test every subject line you can think of and remember all you’re trying to do is get your supporters to open the email.

If you send them a boring, complicated summary of the whole email, they’ll just delete it.

3. Don’t email yourself

The message must be about the recipient, not the sender. Place your supporters in the centre the email.

Make sure that they can see themselves, their role, and what you want them to do – from start to finish.

Send them an email that captures them as an individual but also the cause.