I help UNISON remain relevant to all their members by working on multichannel member engagement programmes – including recruitment, welcome, new activists and retention.

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3 lessons learned from leading digital engagement at UNISON

Sadly I have to say goodbye to my friends here at UNISON HQ, but before I go here’s a rundown of some crucial things I’ve learnt.


What do our members look like?

How can we better know what types of people are UNISON members to make sure we engage them better?

UNISON’s digital workers away day

On 20 July 2016 we brought together 35 UNISON staff from many different regions and teams to reflect, plan, and prioritise our bright digital future. As always, we were keen to learn more about how UNISON staff are using digital in their everyday work.

William, our work experience, leaves us a note…

Hi, I’m William. I’m 16 and in July 2016 I spent a week on work experience with UNISON. I’m a BIG supporter of trade unions, compassion, community and digital, so this was a natural fit for me. I wrote some words about how I’d digitally modernise UNISON and this what I said. Technology has completely revolutionised the way […]

Three quick tips to boost your branch email open rates

1. Add value You have three seconds to convince someone to engage with your email. That’s all. If they read the first sentence and they don’t know what you’re trying to tell them, they’ll delete. So remember to always cut your copy. Cut and cut again and if the meaning remains the same, you’re on to […]

3 tricks to making an engaging animation

Today we are excited to be able to share with you our newest creation – the #HeartUNISON prize draw animation.

Let’s celebrate!

Wow! As I write we’ve had over 60,000 (61,521 to be specific) entries into UNISON’s Prize Draw. Thank you for all your help and support it getting this far already.

Three reasons the prize draw builds a stronger UNISON

I think the prize draw will help UNISON to get members to get involved more quickly and easily, it can save UNISON money and it will help us better understand what our members want and need.