Let’s celebrate!

Wow! As I write we’ve had over 60,000 (61,521 to be specific) entries into UNISON’s Prize Draw. Thank you for all your help and support it getting this far already.

As I hope you already know, the purpose of the #HeartUNISON competition is to collect up to date contact details for our members. Many of you will have taken part in UNISON’s campaign against the Trade Union Bill; there are several clauses in the Bill – from strike ballot thresholds, to changes to how members pay their subscriptions, to new political fund requirements – that could have a detrimental impact on UNISON’s ability to represent its members.

So what do our numbers look like?

  • We’ve had over 60,000 entries into UNISON’s Prize Draw.
  • Nearly 20,000 members have provided a new or updated mobile number.
  • We’ve had over 10,000 new or updated email address.

Being able to enable members to get involved more quickly and easily, whilst saving UNISON money, will ensure that our members continue to enjoy the full support of their union at work.

The work continues and we have exciting plans to start a motivation campaign in the coming weeks. Having this information can help us understand our membership better, and develop communications that can be personalised to each member around the things they care about. We hope this will make them feel better about their UNISON membership – and avoid the annoyance that comes with messages that seem irrelevant.

Stay tuned for more information.

You can find out more about the Prize Draw by using this brilliant link.

2 thoughts on “Let’s celebrate!

  1. Gillian.Hancock says:

    proud to be a Union member

    1. Alison Charlton says:

      Thanks Gillian, we’re proud of our members and our union too 🙂 Alison

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