Getting digital – union organising

Work patterns have changed, and unions also have to change – if we’re going to organise and support the workers of the future.

Using WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging application with over a billion users. It’s a great way to share information quickly and securely around groups of friends and colleagues.

Staying safe online

If you’re posting on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram or any other social platform – chances are you’ve received unwanted or even abusive comments – often from complete strangers.

Women Byte Back – inspiring women

Recently, Digital UNISON and UNISONlearning teamed up on a training day for UNISON’s women members at Bletchley Park. Here are some of the highlights of the day.

Setting up a UNISON branch Facebook page

Engage with your members, get people along to your events, build a community. Nearly two-thirds of UNISON members are on Facebook, so how do you get started?

3 steps to promoting union work online

Hi, I’m Sean. I started at UNISON as part of a three person team to try and locate, recruit and represent homecare workers across the East Midlands – with a particular focus upon Nottinghamshire. Since then we have spent most of our time organising stalls, calling up existing members, visiting sheltered housing, hanging around specific […]

Three tricks and tips for creating engaging films.

Remember February? I do! I remember discussing UNISON’s campaign against the Trade Union Bill with the team at our UNISON Essex team away day. I remember how concerned I and others were that our members – including activists – might not have even heard of it. And even if they had, did they really understand the momentous negative impact it would […]

Listen up – talking to followers on Facebook

If you’re running a Facebook page, your followers expect to be able to contact you on Facebook. This doesn’t mean you have to respond to all comments and messages immediately, but messaging is a helpful way to manage your pages and provide a good service to your followers.

How to: Facebook live

Use Facebook live video to engage with your page followers, hold Q&A sessions, or just stream an indoor or outdoor event. You can now stream live events easily on your Facebook page.

How to set community guidelines

If you’re setting up a Facebook page or group, or any kind of discussion forum, it’s useful to have ground rules that everyone can agree to. Feel free to adapt these guidelines for your own use, but try and keep them friendly and encouraging – we don’t want to scare nervous members off!

Telling a (digital) UNISON story

We’re lucky in the UNISON communications team: it’s our job to know about the excellent work UNISON branches are doing and the exciting lives that UNISON members lead, and then tell those stories.