Picture pefect picketing: top tips for picket line photos

Strike … a pose.

One of the key tactics that will help us moblise and generate further support for our campaigns is a strong, continuous, up to date presence on social media.

To achieve that, we need a constant flow of coverage from members on the picket line. So here’s a few top tips to get the perfect picket line pic.

  • Go horizontal, (the phone, not you) get that phone on it’s side and get everyone in. Remember wide, not tall.
  • Tell people it’s happening! We want to see their faces, not their backs, get everyone involved.
  • Get close. Get really close. Okay, now take two steps back. Don’t use the zoom function on your phone’s camera, instead move yourself physically to frame the photo.
  • Look for the details. Is there a really great placard that deserves it’s own shot, ask the member if you can take a pic of them holding it. Or maybe there’s a dog / cat / horse on the picket line, make sure to get a snap of that too.
  • Snap happy. Take lots of photos, then pick the best ones later.
  • Lights, camera, action! Lastly, take a few videos, these can be 10-15 seconds of placards being help up, traffic beeping in support, members chatting / singing / dancing on the picket line – we want to be able to tell the story of the day.