Building great things together: the inaugural branch websites ‘hackday’

In June we plan to launch a new branch website platform. We hope this will offer powerful features and great design, while still being simple for activists to use. Can we live up to our hopes? Not unless we include branches in the development process… which is what our first ‘HackDay’ set out to do.

South East website build to-do list

A change is gonna come

Building a new South East region website makes me hopeful for the region’s digital future – and that of UNISON more broadly.

New on the UNISON website: a searchable database of policy decisions

A searchable and browsable view of UNISON policy motions going back more than 10 years. Every year, UNISON holds a number of conferences to decide on the direction of the union. The motions discussed and voted upon, if carried, become UNISON policy and outline work to be undertaken by the relevant democratically-elected committees – the […]

Setting up a UNISON branch Facebook page

Engage with your members, get people along to your events, build a community. Nearly two-thirds of UNISON members are on Facebook, so how do you get started?

UNISON’s digital strategy: the only thing that is certain is change

“For over two years now, I’ve been developing UNISON’s digital strategy. It is, as all strategies tend to be, a work in progress. However we’re now stepping up a gear with the launch of a two-year digital work programme.”

Image of some party doughnuts

3 lessons learned from leading digital engagement at UNISON

Last January I joined UNISON, the UK’s biggest social movement with 1.3 million members, as Digital Engagement Lead in their London offices. I remember being surprised how lucky I felt to be helping this talented team to remain relevant to all their members. Together, we’ve worked on multichannel member engagement programmes – including recruitment, welcome journeys, member […]

Digital change at UNISON: it’s a matter of principles

How will UNISON get change to happen in a massively decentralised organisation with lots of internal politics? Our six principles for digital work aim to help us in getting tangible and achievable progress.

Hands on a tablet screen

Challenges for unions in a digital world

Do trade unions remain immune from the changes digital is wreaking on other organisations and other industries?

UNISON job advert mock-up on iPhone

6 amazing reasons you should apply to join the team

UNISON is embarking on a major digital work programme over the next two years. We can only deliver it if we have people who have the vision, skills and experience on board…. which is why we’re hiring! Here are 6 amazing reasons you shouldn’t let this opportunity pass you by!

3 steps to promoting union work online

Hi, I’m Sean. I started at UNISON as part of a three person team to try and locate, recruit and represent homecare workers across the East Midlands – with a particular focus upon Nottinghamshire. Since then we have spent most of our time organising stalls, calling up existing members, visiting sheltered housing, hanging around specific […]

If life gives you lemons: digital engagement around the Labour leadership

It is fair to say we weren’t really expecting to be working on another Labour leadership process this summer. Lots of projects were in the pipelines, lots of other activities planned. But, when it became clear that the leadership election was on, we had to put a lot of this to one side and use the […]


What do our members look like?

We’ve got grand plans for how we can use digital to reach and inspire our members over the coming years, and make us a stronger union as a result. Before we start, we need to know who our members are and what makes them tick, and what they want from us. At our recent Digital […]


It’s all about how you tell a story

We’re trying out different ways of telling members’ stories using digital tools, and we’ll write about them here so you can see if they’ll be useful for you too…

Twitter and the Labour Leadership

The Labour leadership campaign is on. For the next couple of months there will be memes, blogs, twibbons, and hashtags all over Twitter, but how can you manage a UNISON related account during the campaign?

UNISON’s digital workers away day

On 20 July 2016 we brought together 35 UNISON staff from many different regions and teams to reflect, plan, and prioritise our bright digital future. As always, we were keen to learn more about how UNISON staff are using digital in their everyday work.