Prize draw update: 25 April

After 9 weeks of the prize draw, we finally have a new branch in the number one spot, and we’ve passed the 100,000 entries barrier! We must also, somewhat sheepishly, admit to an error in the way we have been gathering our figures…

Branch prize methodology change

The branch positions have changed this week not just because of additional members signing up, but also because we noticed an error in the way we were compiling statistics. Previously weekly positions included retired members but this isn’t really fair for many branches as they are unable to easily contact those members. We are now no longer counting them in branch prize figures (though they are included in the overall figures and also regional figures).

A seismic shift at the top of the rankings this week, with Ribble Valley Local Government branch deposing Strathclyde University branch from the top spot they have held since the beginning of the competition. We can confirm that this would have been the case even before the methodology changes. Ribble Valley take for themselves not just the top spot overall, but also in the small branches category.

There are four newcomers to the top ten this week: University of Exeter branch (7th place); NHSBSA North West branch (9th place); and Rother branch and Royal Holloway College branch in joint 10th place.

Despite the methodology changes, the number one branch in both the medium and large branches category remains the same – congratulations to Cheshire Police branch and Cornwall Local Government branch.

Things are close in the regional competition as well, with South East right on South West’s heels (note, there has been no methodology change for the regional statistics). Just 0.1% separates the two regions. The ordering of the rest of the table remains the same as last week, except for Greater London and Northern Ireland, who swap places at the bottom.

25 April regional chart

Overall, we’re excited to say that we have now received 100,000 entries to the prize draw! This has allowed us to gather 36,000 new or updated mobile numbers and 18,500 new or updated email addresses. Once again, we’d like to thank all branches and regional staff who’ve been pushing the competition for all your hard work.

Small branches

Medium branches

Large branches

All branches

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  1. samantha Hartley says:

    I am in a small school for Autism and belong to the Enfield branch

  2. Proud to be doing so well in promoting this great campaign/ prize draw

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