Digital change at UNISON: it’s a matter of principles

How will UNISON get change to happen in a massively decentralised organisation with lots of internal politics? Our six principles for digital work aim to help us in getting tangible and achievable progress.

The six digital principles that the UNISON digital team aspire to in the work that we do were recently written up over on the Comms2Point0 site:

  1. We will amplify our many voices, not just the few
  2. We will be led by member demand, not what we currently supply
  3. We will work in a spirit of collaboration, not control
  4. We will reuse innovations where we can, not reinvent them
  5. We will be ready respond to opportunity, not be overruled by plans
  6. We will deliver change in short and measured bursts, not long slogs

Read the blog in full to find out what each means!