Richard Landry – Digital Data Hoover. Finding, connecting and analysing complex data sets to produce stunning visual analysis with advanced modelling environments.

Translated: Stares at csv files a lot and generally doesn’t look like he’s ever working.

When Digital.UNISON broke (a small part of) the internet

I’m fairly confident this is the first ever news article based on a web pay calculator going offline. A dubious honour, but this is the story of the online world.

What’s it like being a digital data analyst at UNISON?

I’ve been in post as Digital Data Analyst for 12 weeks now. In that time, over half a million people visited and 1.6 million pages have been viewed on the UNISON website. We’ve had over 33,000 people join UNISON online. Our social media posts have reached over 3 million timelines. We’ve received thousands of responses to […]