Twitter’s carousel cards can now take you to even more places

The update means each individual image or video can take you somewhere different.

This is big. Twitter will now let you create a carousel card on Twitter with multiple URL destinations.

What does that mean?

Well, you can now have up to 6 photos or videos in a single tweet, easily scrollable and each with a different headline and link, all without impacting your precious 280 characters.

Here’s how it works 👇🏼

1. Head to Tweet composer

Head to, select ‘Creatives’ from the top drop down and click on ‘Tweet composer’.

Top Tip: Can’t see ‘creatives’? Then click here: How to access the ‘creatives’ tab

Twitter ads screen shot showing the creatives dropdown and Tweet composer selected

2. Choose ‘Carousel’ from the two options shown, then click ‘Add Media’

You can write your tweet now, or later. A preview of the tweet your building will appear on the right hand side.

Screenshot of the Tweet composer in Twitter ads

3. Upload 2-6 images from your computer / device, select them and then click the arrow to return to the previous page.

Screenshot showing images selected in the new Tweet composer on Twitter ads

4. Choose where to send people

Here’s the best bit. For each image (or video), you can add a headline and a website URL. As you can see, you can still select a single destination by ticking ‘apply to all media’

5. Write the tweet you’d like to accompany the carousel with

If you haven’t already, craft the perfect tweet – including all the hashtags and emojis you can fit into 280 characters. The preview will update as you do this.

Top Tip: You can drag and drop the images into the order that you want them to be displayed (the top image will be the first to display in your carousel)

6. Untick ‘promoted only’

This box is automatically ticked, make sure it’s unticked before you move to the final step.

Screenshot showing the promoted only box unticked

7. Once you’re happy with how it looks, scroll back up and you’re ready to Tweet!

Top Tip: The little drop down menu from the ‘Tweet’ button also allows you to schedule your Tweet for a later date.

Congrats, you did it!

How to enable the ‘creatives’ tab in Step 2

In order to access Twitter Ads you’ll need to add a payment method. You will not be charged for creating the carousel as per the steps above.

To add a payment method:

  • Head to Twitter Ads as per Step 1.
  • Click the ‘Create an ad’ button.
  • You may be prompted to confirm your timezone then click ‘Let’s go’.
  • A pop up will display asking you to ‘Choose your objective’ – exit this by clicking ‘cancel’ in the bottom right of the screen. 
  • In the top right there will be your account name, in this case it was UNISON South West this will show a drop down option.
  • Click ‘Add new payment method’, select ‘Personal’.
  • Add a credit / debit card to your account and, as if by magic, the ‘creatives’ tab will appear