Create a Twitter Card in seven simple steps

Using this simple Twitter trick can tidy up your tweets and increase your engagement rate.

For a long time now Twitter has allowed users to upload videos directly to the platform rather than link out to YouTube (or other video platforms). This creates a better experience for your audience.

But what if I told you there’s an even better (free) way to include videos on your Tweets?

If you have a video that forms part of a campaign then using a Twitter Card can help make your tweets even more appealing to your audience and link them to your campaign page.

You’ll have already seen them in action on your timeline, they look like this:

So… how can you make one?

1. Head to Twitter Ads

You’ll find this by clicking on your ‘profile and settings’ icon in the top right hand corner of your browser.

2. Under the ‘Creatives’ menu select ‘Cards’

Top Tip: Can’t see ‘creatives’? Then click here: How to access the ‘creatives’ tab

3. Click the blue ‘Create Card’ drop down button and select ‘Video website Card’

4. This is where you’ll create your Twitter Card. Add a headline, upload your video, add a website link and name your card

The example below shows a card created to promote the video explainer for the 2019 NEC elections as well as the web page giving members more information about the elections.

Top Tip: Your headline can be a maximum of 70 characters (including spaces) keep it as short as you can.

5. Your Twitter Card is now ready to use and is available in your Cards library, click on the ‘Tweet’ icon to add it to a new Tweet

6. Compose your Tweet and when you’re ready click the ‘Tweet’ button

The ‘Promoted-only’ tick-box is automatically ticked – make sure you un-tick this before Tweeting.

Top Tip: The little drop down menu from the ‘Tweet’ button also allows you to schedule your Tweet for a later date.

7. Your Tweet is now live, you did it!

How to enable the ‘creatives’ tab in Step 2

In order to access Twitter Ads you’ll need to add a payment method. This will not be charged for creating the card as per the steps above.

To add a payment method:

  • Head to Twitter Ads as per Step 1
  • Click the ‘Go to Twitter Ads’ button
  • You may be prompted to confirm your timezone then click ‘Let’s go’
  • In the top right there will be your account name, in this case it was UNISON South West this will show a drop down option
  • Click ‘Add new payment method’
  • Add a credit / debit card to your account and, as if by magic, the ‘creatives’ tab will appear