Prize draw update: 5 April

The branch league table’s top ten is stable this week – can YOUR branch break in next week?

No new entries into our top ten this week, although University of South Wales has pulled away from South East Energy to retain 8th place overall for themselves (they were tied last week).

The lack of changes in position disguises some serious activity though, with Dorset Police and Justice Branch (medium, 6th overall) pulling in the highest proportion of new members this week at 7.7%. They’re biting at the heels of Cheshire Police for the top spot in the medium branches league table.

Branches top ten wk 6-01

There’s been another change at the top of the large branches league, with Liverpool Acute Hospitals being deposed after a two week lead by Cornwall Local Government, who registered the highest increase of any large branch this week at 2.1%.

In the regional contest, South West have solidified their lead over South East. East Midlands have managed to break into the top 5, whilst Greater London and Northern Ireland have swapped places at the bottom.

regions wk 6

Overall, we’re excited to say that we have now received 70,408 entries to the prize draw! This has allowed us to gatherĀ 21,785 new or updated mobile numbers and 12,331 new or updated email addresses. Once again, we’d like to thank all branch and regional staff who’ve been pushing the competition for all your hard work.

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