Prize draw update: 22 March

The prize draw update is back at its usual time this week, and one branch has leapt up the rankings since the last update.

Special congratulations are due to the Cheshire Police branch who managed to achieve sign up a whopping 20.6% of their members since the last update, launching themselves into first place in the Medium branches category and fifth place overall.

This week saw Strathclyde University branch become the first branch to have signed up more than 50% their members. They remain in first place in both the overall competition and the Small branches category.

There’s also been change at the top of the Large branches category, with Liverpool Acute Hospitals branch finally deposing Shropshire General from the top spot.

We’d also like to give a shout out to the University of South Wales, Northumberland and Bridgend branches for being the most active on twitter with the prize draw. Remember everyone that there is a prize for the best branch on twitter using the #heartunison hashtag!

Thank you to everyone across the country for all your hard work signing people up so far. You can see the tables below to find out how well your branch is doing. Also – just because we can – we’ve made an infographic of the Top 10 branches throughout the competition so far, which you can see below.

Branches top ten-01

[Click to view larger version]

On a national level, we’ve now had nearly 44,000 participants leading to at least:

  • 28,800 new or changed mobile numbers
  • 8,800 new or changed email addresses
  • 1,200 new dates of birth
  • 1,100 new National Insurance numbers

On a regional level, most regions have seen an increase of about 0.1-0.3% since last week. North West have managed to overtake Eastern to break into the top 5. The competition for the top spot remains unchanged, with South West in the lead, shortly followed by South East and Northern.

Regional bar chart 22 Mar


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Medium branches (501-3,000 members)

Large branches (more than 3,000 members)

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