Coming soon to the UNISON website: the online Branch Finder

Our new online tool will allow users to quickly and easily find and get in touch with their UNISON branch

Test the beta version of our new Branch Finder and let us know what you think, or if you find any bugs.

How would a UNISON member find the name of their branch if they didn’t know and needed to contact them?

Not by using the website.

In a world where it is simple to find your nearest bank branch or supermarket store from their websites, finding your UNISON branch required a phone call to UNISONdirect.

But all that is changing. Currently in beta on is the brand new UNISON Branch Finder! If you want a sneak peek at the tool, head over to the link and take a look.

Try the beta version of our new UNISON Branch Finder

Launching in April, the tool will allow members for the first time to easily find and contact their local branch. We hope this will help to overcome a frustrating experience for members and make it much easier for them to contact their branches.

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How does it work?

Members (and non-members) will be able to locate branches in one of four ways:

  • Searching by employer name
  • Choosing a UNISON region and service groups
  • Looking to find branches near a postcode or near their current position (using geolocation technology).
  • Logging into their My UNISON profile and being told their branch according to RMS – though obviously this only works for members.

Once they are in, the Branch Finder will display the name of each branch’s Branch Secretary, as well as the address of the branch office. If the user is a UNISON member, and is logged in, then they will also be able to see the branch telephone number.

Finally there will be a simple online form that members (or prospective members) can use to submit an email query to their branch. We’ve decided to use a form rather than providing email addresses in order to lessen the chances of spammers using them.

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What do branches need to do?

As one of the last stages before the Branch Finder is launched, the UNISON digital team is running a final check that the contact details the tool is using is correct and up to date.

The Branch Finder pulls information in through RMS, so branches should check that their RMS details are up to date.

We’ll be sending an email to all branches very shortly showing their current RMS details and asking for updates where necessary.

If you have tried out the beta version and have found an issue, or if you simply have a query or some other feedback, please do get in touch with us on using the subject line “Branch Finder”.

2 thoughts on “Coming soon to the UNISON website: the online Branch Finder

  1. Marion Willett says:

    Tried the branch finder didn’t work for me using my postcode gave me branches in ayrshire and inverclyde

    1. Matthew Smith says:

      Thanks for the feedback Marion. Would you mind emailing to let us know what postcode you were using so we can try it at our end and see how we can fix the problem?

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