Big UNISON Prize Draw

Getting members’ mobile numbers and email addresses will be essential to our future strength.

The 2016 prize draw is a first step in this direction.

From 15 February until the beginning of May, UNISON will be running a major prize draw – with a top prize of £10,000 cash for the lucky winner.

Entry is open to all existing members – and new members too – but we ask that they update or verify their email address and mobile numbers to enter.

This data will be essential for the union in the year ahead, given the current threats in the Trade Union Bill and the increasing need to be able to contact our members quickly and easily. Because of this, we’ve asked our UNISONplus partners to contribute prizes to help ensure the success of this draw, keeping costs to UNISON at a minimum.

To make it a success, we’re asking branches to visit or contact as many members as possible – particularly those who we don’t already have email or mobile phone details for – to get them to enter. There’s even a range of great prizes for the most successful branches (see below for details).


Big ♡ UNISON Prize Draw branch winners announced

Congratulations to our four winning branches, and a big thank you to everyone who played a part in making the prize draw such a success.

Prize draw update: 25 April

After 9 weeks of the prize draw, we finally have a new branch in the number one spot, and we’ve passed the 100,000 entries barrier! We must also, somewhat sheepishly, admit to an error in the way we have been gathering our figures…

3 tricks to making an engaging animation

Today we are excited to be able to share with you our newest creation – the #HeartUNISON prize draw animation.

Prize draw update: 19 April

Cheshire Police branch surges within the top ten in this week’s prize draw update

Prize draw update: 12 April

Tussles for the top spots as the competition nears its end We see one new entry to the top ten this week with University of Cumbria branch re-entering at 9th place at the expense of University of South Wales branch who have slipped three places into 11th. Cheshire Police branch have taken control of the top spot in the medium […]

Branch prizes

To see which branch is in the lead in each category, visit the latest update blog.


  • Most successful small branch (as measured by percentage of branch who enter the prize draw)
  • Most successful medium branch (as measured by percentage of branch who enter the prize draw)
  • Most successful large branch (as measured by percentage of branch who enter the prize draw)
  • Best branch online campaign (as documented by on #heartunison tags on Facebook or Twitter – chosen by the communications team at UNISON Centre)


  • A trophy handed out to branch representatives at National Delegate conference and recognition and pictures in eFocus and InFocus.
  • Vouchers for a branch social at a restaurant – £800 for large branches, £600 for medium and £400 for small
  • A set of personalised “I was a winner in the big HEART UNISON Prize Draw” mugs. 40 for large branches, 25 for medium, 15 for small.



Prize draw - activists and branches

  • Why is UNISON running this prize draw?

    Being able to contact members cheaply and easily – particularly using digital means such as email or text messages – could be a vital component of our future effectiveness as a union.

    If we have a large number of members to contact about their membership (for example if we need to switch them to direct debit), need to hold electronic ballots or get their opt-in to things like the political funds, we will save lots of time and money if people can do this digitally. The starting point for that is always having the right digital contact details for them, which is why this prize draw focuses on just two key pieces of information: personal email address and mobile number.

  • How can I enter members?

    All branches will be receiving copies of the competition flyer, which contains all the instructions existing and new members need about how to enter. It should start arriving from the 15th February onwards. We are also developing posters for branches and will send these soon.

    The easiest way to get members to enter is to distribute these flyers to them – this is also the most useful way as you are more likely to reach members who we have no email address or mobile phone information for.

    An alternative printable paper form is also available, however this is only to be used for members with no access to the internet.

  • UNISON already has a member’s email address and mobile number, can they enter?

    Yes, they can. They just need to visit the prize draw entry form on the main UNISON website and verify the email address and mobile number provided, and agree to the terms and conditions of the prize draw.

  • What about members that don’t have a mobile number and/or email address?

    Members without a mobile phone who do have an email address can use the online prize draw entry form.

    Members without an email address can still enter the prize draw, however branches will need to print the paper form available for download on this site.

    This is to ensure we have confirmation that they agree to the terms and conditions of the prize draw.

  • How much is this costing UNISON?

    The main member prize draw prizes have been kindly supplied by our UNISONplus partners, therefore the cost of the prize draw is limited to the costs in setting up and advertising the prize draw process, and the supply of branch prizes.

    UNISON has kept costs down by using primarily digital means of processing the entry into the prize draw. However given the costs of text messaging (3p/text) there is a cost in success: the more people who enter, the more it will cost us. However that is generally a good thing to see, and will save us money in future, so it should be worth it!